Make a Robot, Make a Difference

ROBOTIS STEM is geared for a secondary-school robotics curriculum.
It introduces programming and other STEM concepts.

Robotics, the best Project-Based-Learning environment for STEM Education.

For a more exciting robot learning experience, parts are developed to be compatible with OLLO parts.

IR Array and AX-12W

RoboPlus and Embedded C

Powerful and easy-to-use ARM Cortex based CM-530 main controller(Supports RoboPlus and Embedded C)
Use the same program you learned in class for various robot competitions!

Scientific education system and programs!

ROBOTIS STEM builds 16 example robots with two packages (total of 48 classes)

Curriculums planned out just like an actual class!

The curriculum helps you learn and understand STEM progressively through the robot learning process. It consists of an ‘introduction,’ ‘theory,’ ‘building,’ and ‘application.’