ARM Cortex-M3 based embedded controller
with open circuit diagram and source code

Low price, high performance

  • ▪ Affordable price (under $20)
  • ▪ Powered by a 32-bit CPU

Compatible with the entire DYNAMIXEL lineup

  • - Controls all DYNAMIXEL motors, from XL-320 to DYNAMIXEL PRO.

Simple and expansive interface

  • ▪ Doesn’t require an external downloader > Uses a micro-USB cable for downloading
  • ▪ Various sensors can be connected using the GP I/O.

Vast developing environment

  • ▪ Supports the integrated programming software, [RoboPlus].
  • ▪ Compatible with the exclusive development environment, [ROBOTIS OpenCM IDE].
  • ▪ Compatible with other commercial development platforms using the JTAG / SWD interface.

Related Materials

  • ▪ Download Circuit Diagram and Gerber
    eManual Link
  • ▪ Download Software
    ROBOTIS OpenCM belongs to ROBOTIS under the GNU GPL and GNU LGPL licenses.
    eManual Link
  • ▪ User's work
    Metabot: open-source legged robotics platform (Gregoire Passault, France)
    4 DoF Bipedal robot with XL-320, CM9.04 and HaViMo (Hamid Moballegh from HaViSys UG, Germany)